Does the lawn need any maintenance?
The beauty of the synthetic grass from Leisure Lawns is that there is no maintenance required. If you have a lot of leaves on the lawn simply blow them off with blower vac.

What about pets and their mess?
Pets love the feel of the artificial lawn, as far as their mess like normal, you pick up solids and let urine simply wash away through the base of the lawn and bluemetal dust. Urine does not affect the colour of the lawn as it chemical resistant. You can always wash the lawn if you feel it necessary with a hose or even a pressure washer.

Does the lawn fade?
Leisure Lawns have been treated against U.V. with Tinuvin is a liquid light-stabilizer blend developed specifically for exterior coatings. Its high thermal stability and permanence make it suitable for coatings exposed to high bake temperatures and/or to extreme environmental conditions.

What about drainage?
Leisure Lawn has 100 drainage holes per m2 in the base of the lawn. When it rains the water simply runs through the lawn and drains away through the bluemetal dust. If in an area that has high water run-off towards the lawn careful consideration should be given to preparation of the base before lawn is laid, drains can be used to prevent any flooding.

Can the lawn be driven on?
An artificial lawn is not designed for driving on, although it will not necessarily hurt the lawn as it is very strong. Turning the tyres on the lawn may cause damage.

Can I lay the lawn myself; is it hard to do?
Yes you can order and lay Leisure Lawn by yourself. It is not that difficult but like anything if you have the right tools for the job it makes it easier. I will always be happy to answer any questions you might have to make your job easier. Just remember lawn width come in 4m wide and 2m wide. The lawn is very heavy and in most cases you need at least three people to be able to move the lawn into place.